Monday, January 6, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale

The last Lilly sale (during the summer) was disastrous for me!  The site kept crashing, items would disappear from my cart.  Completely frustrating!!! 
So this year they seemed better organized so thought I would give it another try.  Prices were fantastic and while the site didn't crash this time, I did have trouble with items disappearing from my cart before I could check out.  So, I waited a bit and tried later, hoping some sizes/colors I wanted were still available.  They were!  Here is what I scooped up!  
Unfortunately, I can only find the small images since some of these are sold out. 
Couple Elsa tops in these colors: 
And a couple pair of shorts!  At half price, couldn't beat that.  I love the fit.  Shown below in black and got navy as well! 
I have such a hard time finding shorts I like that fit well.  I am actually a bit more excited for spring now!  It is just NOW starting to get cold in Georgia and I do love my fall/winter cozy clothes! 
Happy Shopping! 

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  1. Now that I'm in my 30s I feel like it's so hard to find shorts that are cute but still fashionable. The booty shorts just aren't attractive on me anymore, LOL. But you got some good stuff!