Friday, June 21, 2013

~Friday Favorites~

Happy First day of Summer! 
In celebration of summer, I hope to get a little pool time in this weekend.  My pool doesn't look like this... but that's ok :) 
The cleanse may be over but the healthy eating continues.  Love, love, love watermelon in the summer!
And while I just found out you are supposed to wear Lilly on the first day of summer(!) I actually have none.. so might have to change that today.... they are, after all, giving a free clutch and keychain with purchase :)  I love nautical (as you know) AND a freebie!
BRIGHT nail polish?! Yes, please....
I picked up these cute bangles at Fab'rik when they first opened.  Mine are mint green, white and peach (match a dress I bought).
Have a Lovely Weekend!

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  1. Happy summer! This is so funny, but I actually once did a cleanse where you could only eat watermelon for a week, and now I can't stand the stuff! ;-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always