Friday, June 7, 2013

~Friday Favorites~

Happy Friday!  What a slow week... I was optimistic about the weekend...  until all this rain came into play!  I am hoping it clears out today so we have somewhat of a sunny forecast. 
I am loving my new Juicy Couture Sophia Tote!  I was going for a Tiffany Blue and this is more of a pool blue but still a really pretty color. 
C. Wonder has some really great stuff!  I love hitting up their sales.  Crushing on this at the moment... 
I have been in love with fab'rik ever since we had one open in town!  Nothing is over $100 (excluding denim). 
Love these sandals.. and for $28? Steal!
STILL loving this style skirt after watching the movie Friends with Benefits...
I wish I could go on a shopping spree!  THIS would definitely be one of my picks!

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  1. Congrats on that purse! What a beautiful color & style. Also loving those sandals. Super cute! Hope the rain stops! We're expecting bad weather here.