Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cleanse update, then some Lilly picks!

Day 3 of the cleanse:  Going really good actually.  I am pleasantly surprised.  My only complaint is the drink in the morning is thick and the consistancy is unpleasant but I just down it and good to go!  Plus the drink is only days 1-3 and days 8-10.  I am not starving, I eat fruits and veggies and have been sticking to seafood, shrimp and fish-packed with protein, low on calories.  I really, REALLY want my iced coffee, but I am holding strong!  I feel a lot better overall really.  I worked out yesterday, starting out slow since hurt knee is better.  It kills me -I am cardio girl... but I know it is better to start out slow than to over do it and start from scratch. 

Now, some pretty things I am admiring from Lilly Pulitzer:
Cordon Dress
 Eliza Dress
Buttercup Short
Lacie Short
Braydon Tunic
Paige Sweater
Ringleader Sandal


  1. Day 2 of the cleanse was really hard for me, but today I'm feeling much better and more energized. We can do this!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  2. i am so glad your cleanse is going well! that is good news. keep it up girl! i'm rooting for you! these outfits are so cute!!!

  3. Love those teal shorts!!! OMG.