Friday, June 28, 2013

~Friday Favorites~

Ok, so I didn't anticipate much when I saw Juicy Couture had a sale, 30% off all SALE items.  But wow!  Ended up scoring some really good deals!  Especially with a coupon code with an EXTRA 20% off the total purchase! 
Here are some of my favorites this Friday :)
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blush and Champagne

Loving this color combo... mainly because... drumroll... I'm engaged!
Chris and I had talked about tying the knot in September.  We will do it up destination style and come back and have a big reception!  So excited and I feel incredibly blessed to have him and our little boy in my life.  It is hard to imagine what life was like before them.  

We already have the reception site booked and I am working on the fun details now.  So here are a few inspiration photos for colors/decor:
So many pretty ideas in this color scheme as well as easy and attainable! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

~Friday Favorites~

Happy First day of Summer! 
In celebration of summer, I hope to get a little pool time in this weekend.  My pool doesn't look like this... but that's ok :) 
The cleanse may be over but the healthy eating continues.  Love, love, love watermelon in the summer!
And while I just found out you are supposed to wear Lilly on the first day of summer(!) I actually have none.. so might have to change that today.... they are, after all, giving a free clutch and keychain with purchase :)  I love nautical (as you know) AND a freebie!
BRIGHT nail polish?! Yes, please....
I picked up these cute bangles at Fab'rik when they first opened.  Mine are mint green, white and peach (match a dress I bought).
Have a Lovely Weekend!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cleanse Finale Update

Well we did it!  Cleanse is officially over! 
My progress? Well I lost about 6 pounds and 2 inches from my waist and 1 inch from my hips.  I can tell a difference in how my jeans fit for sure.  While I know (I am convinced this is water weight) and realize how quickly it can return, I do plan on sticking to a healthier eating schedule.  This was my goal and purpose to jump start from the get go.  I think the cleanse helped a little bit, but honestly with eating fruits, veggies and lean meats only, and all of the fiber that provides, I think the eating healthy contributed to a majority of my success.  
No matter what (I believe in everything in moderation, but I plan on continuing to keep fruits and even more veggies in my daily eating plan).  And of course, water... water... water.  
I didn't have a chance to exercise much at all this week while on the cleanse.  I think I would have had even greater success if I had been able to work out.  
A majority of weight loss/toning (in my opinion) is finding the formula that works for you.  A lot of it has to do with metabolism and how your body breaks down what you eat.  I know I do better (when losing weight) if I up my cardio and cut carbs.  A friend of mine is opposite, she ups cardio and carbs and elimates (can't remember if it is calories or fat grams) to see success.  
Overall, I am happy with the cleanse and happy I participated in it in a group setting.  Definitely a lot  more fun that way!

Friday, June 14, 2013

~Friday Favorites~

Finally, Friday!  And is it already day 5 of the cleanse?  I think so! and going strong!  I have been really wearing out my taste buds on fruits and veggies.. I can have lean meat but time constraints have prevented me from preparing things ahead of time.  I feel great though!

Now for my favorites..
Nautical, love it, anything nautical and of course C.Wonder is one of my faves
Love, Love, Love this chandelier at 24e in Savannah, GA!
How cute is this cross body bag from Target, and in Mint!?

Maybe it's the cleanse, but really missing my favorite (not so good for you) treats... especially when it is SO hot outside!
Dreaming of honeymoon spots! This one perhaps....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cleanse update, then some Lilly picks!

Day 3 of the cleanse:  Going really good actually.  I am pleasantly surprised.  My only complaint is the drink in the morning is thick and the consistancy is unpleasant but I just down it and good to go!  Plus the drink is only days 1-3 and days 8-10.  I am not starving, I eat fruits and veggies and have been sticking to seafood, shrimp and fish-packed with protein, low on calories.  I really, REALLY want my iced coffee, but I am holding strong!  I feel a lot better overall really.  I worked out yesterday, starting out slow since hurt knee is better.  It kills me -I am cardio girl... but I know it is better to start out slow than to over do it and start from scratch. 

Now, some pretty things I am admiring from Lilly Pulitzer:
Cordon Dress
 Eliza Dress
Buttercup Short
Lacie Short
Braydon Tunic
Paige Sweater
Ringleader Sandal

Monday, June 10, 2013

AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse

Surfing through blogs one day I came across this particular post and thought... why not!
I have never actually done a cleanse and don't really think the idea of liquid only is very good for you.  When I found out you still eat with this one, and eat healthy, I was in!
I ordered the cleanse here
I, like many of the other girls, started the cleanse today.  So far going good!  Although not far into it at all, I will say giving up my iced coffees has been a challenge.  I needed to eliminate those (or at the very least cut back) anyway.  I didn't purchase the Spark drink that is available so it's just water for this girl.  I am (obviously) more tired than normal but that is to be expected.
I ate pretty healthy leading up to today when I started the cleanse.  It will be interesting to see the results within these 10 days after a diet of fresh fruits, veggies and protein. 
I still plan on working out this week (I hurt my knee last week) so it has been hard to get back at it.  Definitely making some time for the treadmill though.
So far, I have drank water, had the fiber drink included in the pack and ate some fresh raspberries and a couple hard boiled egg (whites only).  I must say I am happy that I am not starving.  Looking forward to my mid morning snack of fruit (I love fruit and it everyday anyway). 
I have a salad for lunch and plan on some steamed veggies for dinner.   For other snacks throughout the day I have dry roasted edamame and almonds.  The purpose of this, for me, is to adapt to a better, healthier meal plan going into summer.  Along with that, lose some weight, tone up, etc.  (I didn't buy a one piece swimsuit this year JUST because it was cute, haha)

Friday, June 7, 2013

~Friday Favorites~

Happy Friday!  What a slow week... I was optimistic about the weekend...  until all this rain came into play!  I am hoping it clears out today so we have somewhat of a sunny forecast. 
I am loving my new Juicy Couture Sophia Tote!  I was going for a Tiffany Blue and this is more of a pool blue but still a really pretty color. 
C. Wonder has some really great stuff!  I love hitting up their sales.  Crushing on this at the moment... 
I have been in love with fab'rik ever since we had one open in town!  Nothing is over $100 (excluding denim). 
Love these sandals.. and for $28? Steal!
STILL loving this style skirt after watching the movie Friends with Benefits...
I wish I could go on a shopping spree!  THIS would definitely be one of my picks!