Friday, May 24, 2013

~Friday Favorites~

It seems like forever since I last posted, but life took over... I had my baby boy in February and after several weeks adjusting and several more weeks of maternity leave and enjoying the little guy, I am now back at work and life is good!  Even better with a Holiday weekend coming up! 

I am all about a one piece swimsuit this summer (post baby has a little something to do with that!)
Nothing like a sweet cocktail to kick off summer
~Watermelon Martini~
Anything nautical (love this one from Juicy)~for the select cool, windy nights
Love this sun care set from Sephora, I don't like to stick to one brand
Daydreaming of staying in an over the water accomodation

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  1. Hey Karen! Congratulations girl!!! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy each and every moment! They grow up so fast. HaHaHa I love that bathing suit and I could definitely go for a watermelon martini right now. LOL Glad to see you back doll.