Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I will be the first to admit, I have not been the best blogger this year.   Now, I am having laptop issues so that puts me even more in a bind. 
Work has been extra busy, life has taken over.  I do have an announcement to make though:
I am expecting my first baby in February!   I am overjoyed with emotion and have been dedicating extra time to my health, diet and fitness.  Such a special time, and I am savoring every last second of it!
The girls at work did a gender surprise cake for me.  I knew, but it was a surprise for them, which was equally as fun. I have shared a couple photos below as well as my announcement.  I decided to go casual and fun with football, since it is Fall and all :)


  1. karen, congratulations doll! i am so happy for you! i've been following you on instagram. you're going to be a fantastic mother! i love that cake and the baby is gonna be fab...i'm a february baby! hahaha great month to be born in!!! :)

  2. congratulations!

    Following your blog! Would love for you to follow back (: