Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New You

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get serious.  I ate way too much, stayed up way too late and indulged in anything and everything.  No regrets, as I had a wonderful end to 2011... but time for some change.  A new year is always a good excuse for change and there are several things I would like to adjust in 2012. 
~I started last year with several 5K's and worked up to a 10K by July last year.  This year, I am definitely going to keep the running incorporated although I will attempt to add a half marathon.  A half marathon and marathon have always been on my list and what better time than the present.  The half marathon is not until November so I have plenty of time to train and go about this properly.  In return, I will eat better and maintain a better attitude in overall wellness/health.

~Maintain a positive attitude.  I achieved this by this time last year.  I had a few minor set backs in dealings with negative people, but I find myself partly to blame for allowing them to affect me that way.  I believe everything can be somewhat based on how you handle it, react to it, etc.  I know I am a stronger person by being positive and it overall makes me a happier person :)
So true! :)

~Be a better blogger.  There were too many times that days and days went by without a post.  I would love to start OOTD posts-if nothing else, on occasion.  I love fashion and really want to incorporate more of that in my posts.   I have also started met some great fashionista's through blogging!
~Be more creative.  I can actually be pretty creative and crafty if I give it a good try.  I have all of these little side projects (fashion, accesory, food, scrapbooking) that I want to do that I can't seem to find the time.  So, I will take some time out to do things I enjoy.  Sounds simple enough :)
~RELAX!  Take deeper breaths, talk and think slowly, take time to stop and ENJOY things.  It's easy to let stress take charge, so I am making a conscious effort to relax and enjoy the things I love.



  1. I'm all about relaxing, i need to do that more

  2. So glad you ended 2011 on a good note. Love the positivity quotes! I'm now happily following you. xo

  3. i love your last one: relax. i need to do this more!!!

  4. nice look !

  5. Love your blog! :) I became a follower! :)