Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY: Glitterati Camera Strap

I came across this little DIY not too long ago here and then received a new camera for Christmas~ so that's how these two worlds united :)
This project was super easy and since it involves glitter, could get pretty scary, as I want to glitterize everything now!
I used Sparkle Mod Podge (who knew there were SO many kinds of Mod Podge?) and purple glitter, which is the perfect amount of shimmer on the black strap.  All you do is mix two parts Mod Podge with one part Glitter and there you go.  I applied two coats, letting the first one completely dry before applying the second coat.  I may go over with a third coat to cover the white stitching on the strap better. 


  1. Looks fab dear! And I love purple glitter! xx

  2. OMG that's so fab!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for your visits and comments on my blog!!

  3. I will have to give this a try...will get comments from people for sure! glitter rules!!