Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birchbox Review~January

I almost forgot I signed up for Birchbox when the January box arrived in the mail!  So, it was quite nice to receive the box full of goodies.  Here is what I received...  

Algenist~Firming & Lifting Cream
Turn back the clock with this sophisticated moisturizer, which uses a unique microalgae compound to boost skin's elasticity. 
Review~Couldn't really tell much of a difference... but I am sure I haven't been using it long enough. 
FIX Malibu~Immaculate Complexion Smoothing Serum
This clever serum is on our skincare honor roll.  Antioxidant-rich vitamins A, B, C and E brighten skin tone and soften wrinkles. 
Review~ I really liked how this made my skin feel~like velvet and super soft. 
Juicy Couture
Juicy's signature fragrance is a blend of sweet floral notes.  Sophisticated and feminine, it's perfect for day or night.
Review~Very strong floral scent, too much might give me a headache but with just a light application I like it. 

Zoya~Nail Polish in Kendal
A sweet cream periwinkle, this on-trend neutral from Zoya's new Feel Collection will take you from winter to spring.
Review~LOVE this color.  I couldn't wait and changed my nail polish the night I receive it~  It is a great muted color, grey/periwinkle.  The color looks more periwinkle in day/sunlight.  I have a feeling I will go through this mini bottle rather quickly!

This toasty granola, from Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio's NY-based 'wichcraft chain, takes care of snack cravings without any guilt.
Review~Haven't tried this yet, but will probably throw it in a cup of yogurt. 
***Update~I tried the granola, plain it was ok.  I mixed it with yogurt and not bad at all!  


  1. I still haven't gotten my in the mail...Great review! I always look forward to these little surprises! xx

  2. You got some great stuff Karen! The Zoya nail polish alone would've done it for me. HAHAHA Enjoy your goodies. :)