Thursday, October 14, 2010


I came across a post about a man made fashion island off the coast of Dubai.  It is appropriately to be named "Isla Moda" and the infamous Karl Lagerfeld is to help design it.  Of course, if anyone can create a dream island within the same imaginative realm of Chanel, it is Mr. Lagerfeld!  "Isla Moda" is to have 3 hotels and 150 residences, all boasting architechture that only seems possible in a land of dreams.

This, like most of the creations in Dubai has a very futuristic appeal. 
A gold plated shopping experience
Being surrounded by water, might as well keep the underwater theme going
There are a couple other man made islands off the coast of Dubai (which I am not sure if all construction has been 100% completed) but it is amazing to look at the photos from an aerial view!  I actually saw this first one, the Palm Islands from the plane flying into Dubai. 
The next photo, the World Islands, resemble, well the globe-man made or not, very cool in my opinion!
I have actually been fortunate enough to have traveled to Dubai (a couple times) and it truly is the NYC of the Middle East. 
I came across the following photo's I received from a friend I met while there.  The first one was taken of the main strip in Dubai in the early 1980's and the second photo was taken in 2005.  You could call it the city on steroids with the vast amount of growth within this 20 years. 

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Dubai. Thanks for sharing the photos.