Monday, September 13, 2010

Where to Begin!

Well I am back in the states after a very much needed, very relaxing vacation to Turks and Caicos.  We had our own little beach with only a few people for miles down the beach.  So quiet, so relaxing-our biggest worry was when to nap and where to eat.  I definitely got used to this lifestyle come, well Monday! haha
I got to spend a full week with my honey, which made the whole trip.  I have certainly learned after a year and a half of long distance (yet only 5 hours and still not completely horrible) not to take anything for granted, and I don't for the most part.  The weather was hot but not different from what I came from, temperature wise, in Atlanta.  Here are a few vacation pics.  The sand was so fine and the water so clear and blue you could see straight down to the ocean floor.  No waves, it was almost like a giant pool!


Now, I must get back on much to catch up on with Fashion Week!   Eek, I am going crazy not being able to look at any recaps!  Off I go! :)

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  1. Such pretty pictures! I especially like the photo of the beach, it's so pretty :)) I'd loooooove a vacation again :( :D