Thursday, September 2, 2010

So Long, Au Revoir, See You Soon....

I don't lie when I say I haven't been on a true week long vacation in um, maybe 10 years?!  Yes I have been on weekend, long weekend trips but it is not the same as preparing for a week long voyage.  This goes without saying, but this is much needed and well deserved.  I have a true work hard, play hard personality and more often than not the work hard part wins out every time. 
I have also never been more excited to do absolutely nothing.  Life becomes busy and I for one, often lose sight of some important areas such as health, mental well being, and relaxation. 
Sometimes the flight is almost my favorite part.  It forces me to be trapped in a small cuddly, confined area for minutes to hours allowing me time for the much needed sleep that I can never seem to catch up on.  I can do all of my favorite things during this time whether it be sleep, read magazines, attempt to read a novel, listen to music and not have a care in the world, as being however many thousand miles up in the air, I realize there really isn't a whole lot I can do from the clouds.  It is actually quite nice....

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