Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's the litte things...

So I did something today that I haven't done (I am embarrased to admit) in 10 years at least! 
I GOT A LIBRARY CARD!!  And while that is not the most amazing thing on earth, I am pretty excited  about it.  :)
I forgot how much fun (when it isn't all school related) it is to just leisurely browse the shelves, looking through books of interest, and even books not of interest that may become of interest. 
I left with the following two choices (as I didn't have much time to look today since I went close to closing time). 

And while these are not best sellers or the newest books out on the shelf, they are of interest and not completely ancient.  Not to mention, this libraray has a HUGE section of DVD's to borrow too!  All for free, free membership-which was even better!
So we will see how excited I am once I forget to return them and have to pay the small but annoying fee of 10 cents a day! Ha ha

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