Monday, September 20, 2010

Beauty Favorites

I used to be a beauty junkie as well as a fashion junkie. Over the years I cut back tremendously on the products I use for a couple reasons:
1. I didn't have room for all that I had and 2. I couldn't use up everything before it would expire (some products you can certainly keep for a very long time, but I feel like maybe after so much time, the effectiveness is not there?)
So here are a few of my current favorites:

I love this face wash! I recently got it at Target only because it was at the end of an aisle and it was marked down and I needed face wash, haha. The grapefruit scent is great, especially in the morning and serves as a good wake up call. It smells fresh and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and so clean, clean.

Recently, I saw this in a magazine and decided to give it a try. It is fantastic-tastes and smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream! It is a lip sugar scrub that contains vanilla extract and peppermint oil (for a minty, tingly feeling) that leaves your lips feeling extra conditioned and soft. It will take me forever to get through the small jar, so I will definitely get my money's worth!

I also like the Bubble Bars: This one is pink and glittery, how can that not be fun!? I actually broke the bar into 4 pieces or so and multiplied the uses. Breaking off a piece provided for plenty of bubbles and contrary to what I had been told, I did NOT have a mess of pink glitter to clean out of the tub. Pleasant surprise!

The only thing I don't care for by Lush is the cream cleansers, face masks, face washes that come in the tub. Just aren't my thing I guess.

The citrus smell of BBW Need a Margarita scrub is invigorating. Maybe I am on a citrus kick! It does serve as a great second wake up call. 

Nail polish~loving "Just a Little bit Dangerous" by Sephora-OPI. The deep purple with (what looks like) deep pink colored flecks of glitter in the sunlight, the shade is very rocker-esque.

That is all I have for now~just current products that are on my mind :)

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