Friday, June 27, 2008

My Favorite Things (Beauty) Part 1

I am a Beauty product junkie (like so many of us girls are!) Here are a few of my favorite things and where to find them:

Sephora~this must be the mecca for all beauty products. There is rarely something I don't find from Sephora. Also rare that I spend less than $100 on every single visit here.

~Diorshow Mascara. This has to be the BEST mascara! They use it in runway shows and it gives you the look you need to achieve without any additional products.
~Murad Acne Spot Treatment. Great to wear under makeup or alone to quickly and efficiently take care of a random blemish.
~Laura Mercier-If I had to where only one brand of makeup for all of it (foundation, eyeliner, shadow, blush, etc.) it would be Laura Mercier. The Secret Camouflage is a must. Best concealer around with precise coloring by mixing two tones to find the perfect match for your skin. The Almond/Coconut bath products are to die for! Luxury at it's best. The Honey Bath leaves your skin feeling super silky.
~Smashbox-Great for eyeshadows. I have a trio palette I basically use on a daily basis.
~Bourjois-Effect 3D High Shine Lip Gloss. I have found this gloss to stay on the longest without reapplication. The colors are these great iridescent colors that shimmer differently on everyone.
~Sephora Black Eyeliner. This is a great, affordable basic black eyeliner.

The selection of fragrance is beyond belief too as they tend to carry the newest fragrances available in all brands!

I would buy this company if I could!

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